Chapter Sisterhood

One of the best aspects of being a Tridelta is the friendships we gain and, most importantly, the bonds of sisterhood that are inherent within our organization. Tridelta provides an opportunity for leadership, philanthropy, campus and community involvement and so much more, but ultimately it is sisterhood that connects us all as Trideltas. Do you know that feeling of walking into a room and experiencing the thrill that stems from having people happy that you are there? That’s what it’s like to be a Tri Delta sister. Because Tri Delta means an instant network of support, love, care and compassion.


In order to foster our sense of sisterhood, we offer many unique opportunities that develop and strengthen our friendships.



Every Monday, two of our members facilitate discussions about core topics that are relevant and meaningful to our chapter. These range from issues on campus to experiences shared by young women today, and are meant to encourage reflection and connection. Held in the comforts of a senior’s apartment and always accompanied by delicious food, Pearls of Wisdom is a space where we as Tridelta sisters can learn both from each other and about each other. One of the greatest examples of our sisterhood, it is a unique opportunity to share our voices and perspectives while encouraging connection between members. 



Bid Day is an opportunity for us as a chapter to demonstrate our excitement over our new members as well as our passion for TriDelta and the relationships that we have formed through this organization. After the new members have accepted their bids, we spend the day telling stories, eating pizza, taking pictures and ultimately sharing the tremendous extent of our TriDelta sisterhood.



Every spring after recruitment, we organize a retreat for the newest members of our TriDelta community. The purpose of this retreat is to bond these new members together as one class as well as to facilitate relationships between new members and older TriDeltas. The retreat begins with a collective dinner, and followed by a night of fun games and activities organized by members of the sophomore pledge class. It is a tremendous way for our new members especially to experience the sisterhood of TriDelta all while forming new relationships and bonds that will continue throughout their college experience and beyond.



Given the incredible responsibility that is being a TriDelta officer, our chapter organizes a special retreat for members of the Officer Council. Taking place off-campus, this retreat is designed to create a cohesive and team-oriented group of women who are more prepared to lead TriDelta and become pivotal reminders of the sisterhood extending throughout our organization.‚Äč

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